Thermal Stores

  • Thermal Stores can be compared to a reverse indirect hot water cylinder in design.
  • The bulk water within the thermal store is the primary side and the internal coil is the secondary side.
  • The heat source or sources heat the primary water and hot water is only producted when there is demand at an outlet.
  • Generally thermal stores are kept open vented as they are used to combine many different heat sources including wood burners but this is not always the case.
  • Outlet temperature of the hot water will depend on the current temperature of the primary water. As the hot water is produced instanteously there is virtually zero risk of leigionalla contamination.
  • Internal Hot Water Coil - This provides instanteous hot water when there is a demand via an internal indirect coil. This is positioned either near the top or runs the entire height of the store. Outlet is always at the top of the store to ensure maximum heat transfer when in use.
  • External Fresh Water Module - This term comes usually comes from European manufacturers and is used to express an external module bolted to the side of a thermal store or buffer tank. Basically it contains a heat exchanger, pump and thermostatic temperature control. Beware an electrical supply is required to make this unit operate correctly.

Select Internal Hot Water Coil or External Fresh Water Module