The BEE Trade Buying Group

Friday, 10 April 2020  |  Admin

logoThe Brimble Elton Trade Buying Group

With the rise of the independent plumbing & heating merchant, installation firms and one man bands can be forgiven for wondering how these smaller outfits compete with the nationals to provide competitive pricing. The cost of premises, business rates and staff have never been higher and the margins companies work for are always being squeezed.

The answer is that they join “Merchant Level Buying Groups”. These groups are designed to pool together the combined purchasing power of several independent wholesalers nationwide to achieve a better purchasing discount, with them receiving rebates from manufacturers that otherwise wouldn’t be available.
BRIMBLE have broken this mould by starting our own buying group, but with one important difference… It is designed for the benefit of the installers and provides additional discounts not available on the website.
Similar to the merchant buying groups, The Brimble Trade Buying Group pools together the combined purchasing power of installation companies large and small. This often allows us much higher discount levels on products that ordinarily you may not qualify for from your current suppliers and merchants. Rebates negotiated and offered to the BRIMBLE Trade Buying Group are given back to its members in the form of additional discounts in to ensure everyone has a fair and transparent price.
Think of BRIMBLE acting as your companies own personal purchasing team. We are constantly negotiating pricing structures with major manufacturer and distribution chain to ensure that we offer the most competitive prices, delivery times & service as possible. We have no tie in contracts or sign up fees, because after all, if we’re no cheaper than your current suppliers then why would you stick around!
We hope you’re interested so far. If you’d like to know more then please email to arrange a call back or call 01373 831052 to discuss how we can help make sure you get the best price, every time!