Friday, 24 April 2020  |  Admin
Launch new website

Brimble Elton Enterprises launch new dedicated website for hot water storage cylinders and buffer tanks. The topic of hot water storage is huge, that is often underestimated or causes confusion with end users on the many different configurations available.

The new website is designed to take the user through a step by step selection process to offer the correct solution for your project design.

Friday, 10 April 2020  |  Admin
The BEE Trade Buying Group
The Brimble Elton Trade Buying Group

With the rise of the independent plumbing & heating merchant, installation firms and one man bands can be forgiven for wondering how these smaller outfits compete with the nationals to provide competitive pricing. The cost of premises, business rates and staff have never been higher and the margins companies work for are always being squeezed.

The answer is that they join “Merchant Level Buying Groups”. These groups are designed to pool together the combined purchasing power of several independent wholesalers nationwide to achieve a better purchasing discount, with them receiving rebates from manufacturers that otherwise wouldn’t be available.
Wednesday, 4 January 2006  |  Admin
Cylinder Definitions

Not sure which unit you need?  See our handy descriptions below or call us for some straight forward advice:
Cyclone Indirect Cylinder:
For use when an external heat source (such as a boiler) is providing the heat for the cylinder.
Cyclone Direct:
Direct hot water cylinders use heat sources that are physically located within the cylinder itself similar to an immersion heater, to heat the water. These direct cylinders are particularly located in either flats or apartments where there is no access to gas & are supplied with 3kw Incoloy immersions fitted as standard.
High Gain Indirect:
For Heat Pump ready cylinders our coil quality sets us apart. Cyclone High Gain range of hot water cylinders use high recovery smooth tube quick recovery coils for optimal performance.