Hot Water Storage Cylinders

  • Hot water storage cylinders are used to store water at a preset temperature to be used when needed.
  • Every hot water system needs to be designed with the owners requirements in mind, taking into account capacity, heat sources and physical space.
  • Open Vented cylinders are connected to cold water storage tanks. They rely on the height difference between the tank and the cylinder to provide water pressure at the outlets.
  • Unvented cylinders are connected directly to the incoming cold main supply via a combination pressure reducing, pressure relief valve.
  • Commercial cylinders are used typically in high volume, high performace applications with over sized connections.
  • Pre-Plumbed cylinders are for specialist applications, contact us if you are in doubt which one suits your requirements.
  • Specialist cylinders include options that are intelligent controlled cylinders and unusual application cylinders.

Select Option Open Vented, Unvented, Commerical, Pre-Plumbed or Specialist